Goes Cube Sponsored by DV8 Bowling! (They Made Us Pros!)

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As you may know, we LOVE bowling. That’s why we do it nearly every single tourdate. So you can imagine how happy we are to announce that we are now sponsored by DV8! In fact, they’ve even made us part of their pro team (their “ballers”).

We’ll post where we’ll be going bowling soon. Meet us at the lanes when we’re on tour, and we’ll have limited-edition Goes Cube DV8 t-shirts for you!

The press reads, in part:

Targeting younger and edgier bowlers, the DV8 brand has its own pro staff known as “Ballers,” and DV8 is adding the rock band, Goes Cube, to the regional staff in an attempt to cross-promote the DV8 brand and the eccentric band. The band will be promoting the DV8 brand and bowling at their concerts and various bowling events while they are on tour.

“Goes Cube is a great fit for DV8,” says Brian Graham, director of sales and marketing for DV8. “These guys are bowlers, and they reinforce the fun and outrageous personality of the DV8 brand. We are very excited about adding some Ballers that will help us to bring DV8 and bowling to a new audience.” READ THE REST


We’re Going on Tour with Exotic Animal Petting Zoo

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Goes Cube and Exotic Animal Petting Zoo are going on tour together. We’re very very excited. The tour is sponsored by Metal Insider, which also rules.


05/25 Denver, CO – Three Kings Tavern
05/25 Kansas City, MO – Beaumont Club (w/ Psychostick)
05/27 Des Moines, IA – House Of Bricks
05/28 Chicago, IL – Reggie’s
05/29 Battle Creek, MI – Planet Rock
05/30 Columbus, OH – Carabar
05/31 Buffalo, NY – Broadway Joes
06/01 Philadelphia, PA – Legendary Dobbs
06/02 New York City, NY – Webster Hall


As usual, we let this get out of date. Not as usual, we got a new booking agent!

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Hey look at that! It’s been pretty much a year since we last updated this site making it, of course, terribly out-of-date, which, of course, makes us feel guilty and, generally, like losers And, apparently, in the mood for commas.

In much more important news, we are now being booked Alex Gilbert a 3Thirteen. Contact him at agilbert [at symbol] the3thirteen [period] com


New England Dates Were A Blast // Coming Up…

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Our tour in New England was amazing. Thanks so much to everyone who came out, and thanks to the bands we played with. A special shout-out (does that term date us?) to the new bar in our hometown: St. Vitus. Amazing sound, great drinks, wonderful people, and a fantastic show, no doubt.

Coming up… some very cool stuff, including a music video (or two)…

Keep ya posted!

New England Dates Getting Confirmed // In Tides And Drifts

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All right, New England! We’ll be hitting Maine, Mass, CT, and NYC in May. Check out the shows page for the details (some of which are still being confirmed).

Meantime, In Tides And Drifts (our new album) is now available on The End Records. Get it at Amazon, The Omega Order, iTunes, eMusic, or from, well, a lot of places. Reviews continue to come in, and they continue to be great. But, damnit, listen for yourself! Go get you a copy.

May we suggest, all ye NY-dwelling (or visiting) collectors of memorabilia/musical instrumentals, that you go to J&R Music World and buy our record AND enter into the contest to win an autographed guitar? The bad news is that it’s autographed by us, which brings the value down considerably. EDIT: Whoops, turns out someone already won. Or should we say, “won”?

New Record Out Tomorrow // Tour Recap

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First of all, as I type this it’s 3/28/11. In other words, the eve of the release of our second full-length album, In Tides And Drifts. We’re very very excited about it. The New Review recently published a review of it, and it’s quite a read. They gave it a 4.5 out of 5. Not bad!

You can buy the new record at The Omega Order, Amazon, iTunes, Best Buy, J&R Music world, and many other places. And please do buy it. Though it’s completely out of fashion to feel this way, we really don’t like when people put our record up for free download and then people go and download it (when they may have very well just spent the nominal amount of money to buy it). Trust me, anyone worried we’re gonna get rich off record sales need not worry. We won’t. Record sales, however, do help the label (and, if we’re lucky, us) recoup the costs of making music. Though we can all go and download records for free nowadays, we can’t download gasoline into our van, guitar strings on to our guitars, entire studio sessions, etc, etc, etc. In other words, the rest of the music business still costs money. Again, we’re well aware that’s a square view, but go figure, we’re kinda squares anyways.

The tour was a mighty success. Thank you to all the bands we played with. As usual, we made some new friends (such as Lo Pan and Mose Giganticus) and reconnected with some old ones (like the Unawares and Hull). Surprise, surprise, Raleigh and Columbia are still absurdly fun places, and as it turns out Hattiesburg is going to be a required tour stop from here on out.

In May, we’ll be doing a short run in New England.

Dear PacNW and the midwest: We’ll be seeing you soon, too.

OK, for now, over and out.

Added to the Full Metal Texas show in Austin; big show tomorrow

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We’ve been added to the FULL METAL TEXAS show in Austin on 3/17 at Emo’s. It’s free. We’ll be playing somewhere around noon, noon thirty (I don’t know, I gotta find out). Point is, we’re playing with some damn fine bands including our labelmates Hull, Kvelertak, and bands who are NOT our labelmates like Trap Them, Rwake, and YOB. Others, too!

But hey, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. That show’s a whole 9 days away. Meantime, tomorrow is the big early record release/tour kick-off show. It’s at the Studio at Webster Hall, and we’re playing with NAAM, Rosetta, and The Austerity Program.

Tour Kick-Off/Early Record Release Show

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One of the greatest things about playing music is getting to play it with the musicians you admire the most. Our show at Webster Hall’s Studio on 3/9 is a perfect example of that. We’re sharing the bill with The Austerity Program (Hydra Head), Rosetta (Translation Loss), and NAAM (Tee Pee).

Remember, the official street date of our new album In Tides And Drifts is 3/29, but we’re going to have it for sale at our shows starting 3/9. We’ll also have a new t-shirt. If you like the poster below, you’ll like the t-shirt.

While we’re pitching products, let me go ahead and link you up to some pretty sweet deals…

Buy your tickets for this show in advance. Only $10! (They are $12 at the door.)

The Omega Order is offering a REALLY good deal that will not last long. Head over there and buy a special bundle of the new album, t-shirt, and LIMITED EDITION HAND-NUMBERED 7-inch single! Get all three for $19.99. If you bought them separately, it would run you around $25 or $30. Also, there are very few 7-inches left. So, seriously: go do it.

See you March 9th!

David Is Having A Novella Published!

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Shortly after In Tides And Drifts is released (3/29/11), there will be another exciting release: that of David’s (guitar/vocals) first novella. Published by Sam’s Dot Publishing, the novella—called The Janitors—is set on a fictional island in the Pacific during WWII, and explores the phrase “war is hell.” The street date of the book is 4/1/11. Purchasing (and other) information will be made available soon.

New Album/Tour/SXSW

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The End Records is releasing our second full length In Tides And Drifts on March 29, 2011. See our discography page for more information.

We’ll be going on tour in March and May to support it. Please see our shows page for those dates.  Our March tour brings us to Austin, Texas where we’ll be playing The End Records showcase, as well as some free day parties. Again, that info is over at the shows page.

Some very early reviews of In Tides And Drifts have surfaced:

“Let Goes Cube be your drug and savor something completely different.  Punky grungecore.  Post-hardcore.  Post-metal.  New old-school avant-garde retro blah blah blah.  Whatever you call it,  this album simply rocks.” -The Metal Register

In Tides and Drifts is a stellar record which avoids the sophomore slump while also solidifying Goes Cube as a major metal contender.” -Metal Army America

Over at The Omega Order, you can pre-order the new album, as well as a specialty bundle of the new album, t-shirt, and autographed 7-inch, and more.